January 10, 2009

Quick quotes...

DENVER, Oct. 13.—J. P. Davenport, a wealthy sheep raiser from Grand Junction, was buncoed today out of $2,000 in a dice game by Court Thompson , a notorious bunco steerer. He paid the money by check on which payment was promptly stopped.
Silverton Standard , October 20, 1894.

What does this have to do with Soapy Smith you might ask The name "Court Thompson" is actually Corteze D. "Cort" Thomson, husband of Denver madam, Mattie Silks. Cort was involved in the Cliff Sparks shooting in 1892 and is believed to have held a grudge against Soapy ever since, as did Mattie Silks no doubt. It was Mattie, in 1898 who claimed Soapy, the marshal, and other soap cronies, were planning on robbing and murdering her. As it does not fit the normal m.o. of Soapy to murder women, it is wondered if Mattie was exaggerating a story in revenge for perhaps not being allowed to work a brothel in Skagway.

This story and all the details will be unfolded in my upcoming book, which naturally will be announced here.

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