December 14, 2008

Alaska Outlaw playing cards...

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"S" from Alaska sent us word that a deck of cards called, Alaska's Outlaws, Rebels and Cons featurs Soapy Smith on the cover and inside the deck as the ace of spades, has made the website of the Anchorage Daily News on December 10, 2008. On the site is a video by Kyle Hopkins who explains a little about the cards which includes modern day Alaskan politicians as well as historical Alaskan figures like Wyatt Earp.

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The company website that manufactured the cards is called, Alaska Outlaw Cards. They ask, "What do Sarah Palin, Soapy Smith, Ted Stevens, Wyatt Earp, and Steve McQueen all have in common?" The answer, according to their website, "At one time they were Alaska outlaws, rebels or cons, bucking the establishment, living outside the law or swindling Alaskans with old-fashioned luck and charm." The price of the deck is $9.95

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