November 21, 2008

Soapy Smith's grave, July 7, 1950

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Here is another photograph from the Google/Life collection. This one shows the grave of Soapy Smith photographed on July 7, 1950, one day from the 52nd anniversary of his death. This marker is of an unknown stone and was believed to have been placed in the ground in 1929 by Harriet Pullen, who had received the money from Tom Kearney, a friend of Soapy's and/or of the Smith family. It is also possible the money came directly from Soapy's widow and son using Kearney as a go between, fearing Pullen would not perform the task if it was coming at the request of the family.

The metal cage was placed over the marker after a number of years of vandalism, most likely by Martin Itjen, the owner of Jeff Smith's Parlor museum and the Skagway Streetcar Tour.

Jeff Smith


  1. If I were up there I would piss all over it. Smith was a worthless puke, and the pitiful marker of his final dumping place ought to be vandalized.

    1. HA! I thought you all could use a laugh, so I let "Anonymous'" post be published. Amazing how idiotic some people are. Probably a child or a troll.

      Jeff Smith


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