September 30, 2008

Soapy's ghost robbed him...


Paul Calabrese, aged 19, was taken to jail last night hopelessly insane. Calabrese lives with his parents at 1813 Platte street. Yesterday at the city stock yards he acted queerly and was sent to jail. In the afternoon his father and sister came for him and as he seemed rational he was released.

Last night, however, he got a club and a butcher knife and said he was going to kill his father, but a policeman arrived in time to prevent the tragedy. All night long Calabrese raved in his cell and his ravings kept all the other prisoners from sleeping.

Calabrese has been working on a ranch near Fort Lunton. He came home a week ago without any money, and said the man for whom he had been working refused to pay him. Since he has been in jail he blames Soapy Smith and Gus [Ed] Chase of buncoing him, and calls up Smith's spirit to argue with it at the top of his voice. He will be sent to the county hospital.
Denver Evening Post, 08/13/1899. p. 8.

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