September 23, 2008

Soapy in Tombstone...

It is known that Soapy was in the famous mining town of Tombstone, Arizona in 1883 grafting the populace with his games of "chance." At this time the only record comes from a few notations he made in a personal notebook.

On October 26, 2008 Jeff Smith will be visiting Tombstone with Phil Gessert and PharoBank Phil will be setting up his period gaming tables which will include four blackjack tables, two faro tables and a full size roulette table. Jeff will be dealing Blackjack...who has promised not to cheat. He says he will also be bringing out his "tripe & keister" for a few plays of the shell game.

Talking about the event in Tombstone, Phil had this to say,

Thanks Jeff,

It’s about time we officially join our syndicates together. We are pleased to have you and the rest of the Soapy Smith gang join our anti-Gambling organization. I say anti–Gambling because we promote the pure pleasure of the gambling experience without the “losing your money part”. They say many a young man has fallen into poverty over the ivory and the pasteboards. That Pharo was bucking the tiger. But now all the pleasure, excitement, romance, thrills and bravery that is instilled into the gambler; can be experienced without the defeat. At a Pharo Bank event even losing is fun.

Nonetheless, I am established with Tombstone especially Big Nose Kate’s saloon and the manager Johnny Martin. We go back to the Oriental Saloon where I ran a stiff Faro game. It has been said that Tombstone is steeped in political shenanigan’s, but Big Nose Kate is aligned with a couple fellows named Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, and I have known them to be a formidable ally when given a part of the take. We run only a square game so cheating is strictly forbidden, unless it is in our best interest.

Therefore, anyone who wants to have the time of their lives should come to Tombstone and join us on Allen Street.

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