Inspiration for a Soapy Smith film

I saw a commercial in which film producer Ron Howard used photographs as inspiration for a film project. I thought to myself, I should do the same for my vision of a Soapy Smith film project.

This is my view as to how such a film should look and feel in the hope of influencing and inspiring the mindset of those who will write and produce such a film. The images I placed here hopefully will capture and "explain" the atmosphere, the mood and the feelings of such a film in ways my vocabulary can't. It is my hope that the film industry will trust my decades of research into Soapy's way of life, his personal, and private character, and emotions, as well as his business, political, and criminal mindset. The air and ambiance of the places he worked and played. The flavor, the perspective, the demeanor, and the spirit of those men and women he associated with as well as of those he cheated and made enemies of. The photos are not in any particular order.

At the bottom of this page you will find Information involving actors and other talented people I believe should be utilized for such a project. Click the link to go there now.

Naturally my book is the best place to start

Universal Studios back-lot
"New York" as Denver 1889
Faro: Soapy's game of choice
Police arresting criminal or victim?
A "friendly" game of poker
Soapy's volunteer armies
Living the good dream
Denver 1884
three-card monte on a train
It's a "sure-thing"
Shootout on Juneau Wharf
Godfather of Skagway
Soapy and John BowersJeff Smith's Parlor
Denver home
Denver saloon
The gang lures in a dupe
Soapy and ReidShootout on Juneau Wharf
Three-card monte gang
The gang flees Pocatello, Idaho
A "winner" every time
Soapy's wife was a singer
Karin the dress maker
Karin has talent
Corrupt police were helpful to Soapy
That's entertainment
Soapy hawks his prize soap
Soapy swindles boxer Fitzimmons
copy of Soapy's first grave marker
various short cons
Soapy's crooked auction houses
Denver city hall war of 1894
handbills of the 101 and 317
Soapy and his gang were sworn in
Karin the dress maker
First class dresses
saloons and guns
Denver dangerous saloons
The Arcade and Murphy's Exchange
Old ace of spades
Tie Soapy wore when killed

Gang in city hall jail
Soapy in Denver
movie set
Prize package soap sell racket
Soapy shootout at Pocatello train depot, 1889
corrupt officers look other way

Juneau Wharf
Soapy's business card

Soapy's private army
Policy store (swindle)
fake telegraph office

Booster "tips" the dupe

shell and pea con

Scene from The Shootist


Who should play Soapy?
I have a page devoted to people's opinions as to what actor might be best suited to portray Soapy Smith's powerful character. The top three choices are
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Edward Norton
  • Johnny Depp
Talented people who should be involved in the production
  • Whit Haydn: Close up magician/ bunco historian.
  • Karin McKechnie: 19th century costume designer/historian.
  • "Professor" Dave Bourne: Nineteenth century historian of music and piano.
Locations for shooting a film on Soapy

By no means do I know every location available. The following are here because I found their look to be authentic and interesting.