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Do you have a Soapy Smith related book you wish to see reviewed and have that review, with your related links about the book and its purchase, placed on this blog, as well as on several history forums, and on Facebook?

I am looking to review books with some connection to Soapy Smith. They can be brand new or old publications. Book topics can include stories or histories surrounding the worlds of Soapy Smith, including law and crime, gambling, saloon, Colorado, Alaska, etc.

  • Fiction: Books with Soapy as a main or minor character are the best. I do not review the historical accuracy in books of fiction.
  • Nonfiction: Books will be reviewed on their historical accuracy and content.

Many of the family members, fans, and members of Friends of Bad Man Soapy Smith are historians and collectors. As Soapy Smith becomes more popular more authors are including him as a subject in nonfiction, and a character in fiction books. My goal is to allow access of quality fiction and nonfiction to those it would be of interest to.

Authors, publishers are especially invited, however, if you have a book you did not write or publish and wish to see a review of it, you may send it in as well. For reviews I am willing to accept used, slightly damaged copies.

Reviews can include links to the author/publisher websites and anything relevant to the book. Links to purchase the book. 


Please contact Jeff Smith before sending any book(s). Books sent without prior contact are not guaranteed to be reviewed. No books will be returned.

Send book to
Jeff Smith
420 N. McKinley St.
Ste. 111-301
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The following articles were published as nonfiction works. For the most part all the articles were well written but lack accuracy. At the time I reviewed these works my main goal was to note and correct the many mistakes. The entire article, as well as my review, can be viewed in each link.