November 2, 2013


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"He's so crooked, he could swallow nails and spit out corkscrews."
— Unknown


1776: William Demont becomes the first traitor of the American Revolution when he deserts.

1783: General George Washington give his "Farewell Address to the Army" near Princeton, New Jersey.

1860: Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith II is born.

1861: General John Charles Fremont is removed from the command of the Western Department by President Lincoln.

1867: Harper’s Bazaar magazine is founded.

1869: William “Wild Bill” Hickok fails in his re-election bid for sheriff of Ellis County, Kansas.

1870: Bear River Bart is shot and killed near Abilene Kansas.

1875: During the Shafter Expedition of 1875, the 25th Infantry, and detachments of the 10th Cavalry, follows and attacks a camp of Apache Indians near the Pecos River, Texas. One Indian is killed, and four Indian women and one boy are captured.

1880: Promising to apprehend “Billy the Kid,” Pat Garrett is elected sheriff of Lincoln County. New Mexico Territory.

1882: John Poe is elected Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory sheriff, replacing Pat Garrett.

1883: Thomas Edison files a patent for an electrical indicator using the Edison effect lamp.

1889: North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states.

1894: Lewis Holder is hung from the gallows of Fort Smith, Arkansas by order of Judge Isaac Parker, for the murder of George Bickford in the San Bois Mountains, Oklahoma on Dec. 28, 1891. Before dying he vowed to haunt the judge and the jurors in death.

1895: The first gasoline powered car contest takes place in Chicago, Illinois.

1902: Harvey Logan, member of the outlaw Wild Bunch, is given 20 years in prison for his misdeeds. On June 27 1903 he over powers the guards and escaped.