October 16, 2012

Carter's Soapy Smith video.

Editor: Carter
Soapy Smith: Carter
Tommy 2 Guns: Jessi
Lasso Larry: Tyson
Video tapers: Jace/Kane
"SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jace's mom for letting us use his garage,
because it was cold out, and letting us eat his food."

o you remember playing cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers as a kid? I know I did. In fact, some of my nieces and nephews have been reminiscing and laughing about those early day childhood games we enjoyed playing so much. However, never once did any of us, as descendants of bad man Soapy Smith, ever consider playing him as a character. Soapy was something our parents talked about, not us kids, at least not enough to want to reenact him in our play time activities.

Times have changed however. Soapy is making a comeback in a big way, and what better evidence is there than a youngster inadvertently acknowledging the fact. These are children, and I did not wish to alarm their parents by asking personal questions, nor should those answers by advertised online, therefore, all I know about Carter and his friends, Jessi, Tyson, Jace, and Kane, is that they all got together in Jace's garage to make a Youtube short film. What you see above is their finished product. I "talked" to Carter (Soapy) through Youtube and he wrote the following.  

We chose to do a short video on Soapy because we were working on a unit about the Klondike gold rush and Soapy was by far the most interesting character we could find. —Carter123cbq 

I'm hoping he gets to see this post, just to let him know the smiles he and his friends put on the faces of Soapy Smith's family members, friends, and fans. I think everyone will agree that Carter and his pals did a great job! I know I'm happy that I had the pleasure to see this film. I am willing to go as far as betting that Soapy would certainly be proud to know his name is still echoing through time.

"The bullets started flying a’twixt Soapy Smith and Reid,
Until they both lay on the wharf, and there they both did bleed.
Then Jesse Murphy turned ol’ Soapy’s lever gun around,
And blew out Soapy’s heart as he lay helpless on the ground."
—Ed Parrish


1701: The Collegiate School is founded in Killingworth, Connecticut. The school eventually moves to New Haven in 1745 and changes its name to Yale College. 
1829: The Tremont Hotel, considered the first modern hotel in the U.S., opens in Boston, Massachusetts. 170 rooms rented for $2 each per day, which included four meals. 
1859: Violent abolitionist John Brown leads a raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia). 
1869: A hotel in Boston became the first in the U.S. to install indoor plumbing. 
1881: Citizens of Phoenix, Arizona, Territory demand that Apache Indians in the area be removed or put to death. 
1884: Armed with a Winchester rifle, Marshal Bill Tilghman forces a group of drunk and disorderly cowboys out of Dodge City, Kansas. 
1890: The Indian, Kicking Bear, is escorted off the Standing Rock Agency in South Dakota by the U.S. Army.

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