August 31, 2012

Reenactment of hiking the Chilkoot trail, 1897 style.

Sterioview of the Chilkoot trail
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ack on September 25, 2011 I posted part one of a six part documentary made in the late 1970s about four men who hiked the Chilkoot trail to Dawson using the same technology used in 1897-98. Without actually hiking the pass yourself, it is the best way to experience what the Klondike gold rush stampeders had to do to get to the gold fields.

I have been looking for all six episodes since then, when a friend on Facebook posted it. Now you can view them all at Yukon Passage.  Enjoy!

September 25, 2011

"Bold as brass and full of fire, there in the midnight sun,
Soapy went straight at the mob, though he was only one.
He’s waiting in the pits of hell now with his guns in hand,
He’ll hunt them through eternity – that vigilante band."
―Ed Parrish


1852: The first pre-stamped envelopes are created with legislation of the U.S. Congress.
1865: Mining operations begin in Lincoln Gulch, Montana Territory.
1881: Outlaw Black Bart robs the Roseburg, Oregon-Yreka stage nine miles out of Yreka, California.
1881: Three soldiers and five civilians are killed in an Apache Indian attack near Fort Apache, Arizona Territory.
1881: The first tennis championships in the U.S. are played.
1887: The kinetoscope is patented by Thomas Edison. The device was used to produce moving pictures.

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